Edit Supplier Record


After your Login into MQuality you will get following Home screen with all Specifications, which have been assign to you  

under " My task" you can have 3 different tasks "activities" to change or add please "run the task" (see on the left >:

                                                                                                                                     please "run the task" (see on the left >:

1. Supplier Details - there we ask you to check your master data and correct assignment article to site has to be done by you - see below the steps

2. QA Section - here you can change /add details and comments and documents for recipe and raw materials and nutrition see other article here

3. Packaging section - see other article here

Dear Supplier , you can update some details , add site , articles , EMERGENCY contact as follow :

1. via Tasks - Fill Missing Details 

2.without Tasks - via Edit Supplier 

same screen you will get :

  • Here you can see the Supplier details page like : the Supplier name, VAT number, Company registration number, GLN Supplier, Lead Business Unit, Country, City, Address, Email, and others - if you see wrong data please inform us per mail : mquality@soucingsupport.de

  • Clicking on the “Next button will show the Add sites” option in the edit mode
  • You can see all the sites associated to supplier which are already available
  • You have the option to Edit, Delete or Activate a previously Delisted site 

Edit Supplier Record – Activate/Delete Site and associate the article to a specific supplier site 

  • You can Delist a site by clicking on the “Delete” button
  • You can activate a Delisted site by clicking on the “Activate” button

  • After entering the details, the Supplier can save the site record by clicking on the “Save button

  • Also, you can add an additional site by clicking on the “Add Site” button

The most important within this section is to associate the article to a specific supplier site

  • To associate article to site, please click on the Add Article icon against any supplier site

  • You have to enter the article name on the new article search page and select the correct article
  • Please click on add button to associate the article to the site
  • A green message appears that article added successfully to the site
  • Please click on save button on Add Site page, the Next button gets enabled to move to next screen for adding document
  • Supplier clicks on next button and Add document page comes to upload any document or certificate

Edit Supplier Record - Add Certificate

  • Within the “Add Site” page you can add a certificate by clicking on certificate icon below the “Add Certificate column


  • Then please click on the Add button  
  • With this, the certificate details will get saved to the site and the number will get updated in the No of Certificates column 
  • Please click on the number under the “No of Certificates” heading, and the certificate details will be shown below 


  • By clicking on the “Next” button you will be able to see the “Add Documents” page

Edit Supplier Record - Add Documents

  • Here you can click on “Browse File” and then “Upload file” to upload a document

  • In this way, you can upload a file “to a site” or “only for a specific supplier”
  • To upload a file to a site, you must select a site from the dropdown list; otherwise, if no site is selected, then document is uploaded “to the supplier”

  • By clicking on the “Upload” button, the selected document will be loaded to the supplier
  • Once document is uploaded, it will be shown on the page, giving the option to edit or delete

Edit Supplier Record – Add Contact / EMERGENCY contact

  • When clicking on the “Next” button, the system will show the “Add Contact section
  • Here you can add a contact by clicking on the “Add contact” button

  • Here you can add EMERGENCY contact in your company - add the first and second Name , mail and choose the "supplier contact role" - emergency - see yellow marked place 

  • By clicking on the Save button within the “Add contact” section, the system will save the contact to the supplier
  • A contact can be saved for a site or for supplier based on the selection of site during the supplier addition

Edit Supplier Record – Submit Supplier Record

  • Clicking on the “Next” button after saving a contact will lead the user to the Preview and submit page

  • After you click on the submit button the supplier details will get saved to the MQuality application

now the Metro QA have to approve it and in nest step you will get QA section tasks for review.

Thank you !